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23/05/2015 Saturday

Golden Horn(Haliç)

Like İstanbul’s geographical location is an influential factor at the development of İstanbul during the ages, Golden Horn which is a deep natural and secure harbor for the European side pensinsula is too. The name of “Golden Horn” is given according to the fertility of surroundings lands, abundant of fishes and existence of potable creeks as a sign of fertility.

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Sadberk Hanım Museum One of the interesting mansions in Sarıyer, a three-storied building, was chosen as the locale of a beautiful museum founded by the Koç family. Rare objects collected over the years, costumes and artifacts reflecting the lifestyles of past centuries, valuable fabrics, and gold, silver and porcelain wares are displayed in the museum. After the Koç family acquired the archeological collection of Hüseyin Kocabaş, the building next door was bought and added to the museum to provide space for the exhibition of this rich collection. This modern and impressive exhibition is in chronological order and it contains pieces from the Neolithic age and Hatti, Hittite, Urartu, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Selçuk periods.


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