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Golden Horn(Haliç)

Like İstanbul’s geographical location is an influential factor at the development of İstanbul during the ages, Golden Horn which is a deep natural and secure harbor for the European side pensinsula is too. The name of “Golden Horn” is given according to the fertility of surroundings lands, abundant of fishes and existence of potable creeks as a sign of fertility.

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Sariyer (Sarıyer)
Uskudar (Üsküdar)
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Sile (Şile)
The Princes Islands
Polonezkoy (Polonezköy)



The district behind Leander's Tower is Uskudar, the historical location for crossings to the European side.

The 16th century mosques and the monumental fountain in the square, and the miniature Şemsi Paşa Mosque and the medrese on the shore, both built by Sinan, are fine examples of Turkish architecture.

The historical Karacaahmet Cemetery is located on the slopes of Uskudar and behind these rise the Carnhca hills. These hills covered with pine groves offer a bird's eye view of the Bpsphorus and the Princes' Islands.


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