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10/10/2015 Saturday

Bosphorus Bridge(Boğaziçi Köprüsü)

The Bosphorus Bridge is a suspension bridge which located between Ortaköy and Beylerbeyi , spanning the Bosphorus Strait and connecting the continents of Europe and Asia. The bridge was completed on October 30, 1973 and opened by President Fahri Korutürk.

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On the Asian shores of the Bosphorus there lies a high pine covered bill, atop which sits a restaurant. From here one can inhale the fresh Black Sea air, and possibly obtain the best views of the sprawling metropolis of İstanbul. The best time for pictures with clarity is in the morning, but late afternoon offers glimpses on the city's skyline silhouetted against the setting sun while night fall ushers in an impressive portrait of İstanbul as a city of twinkling lights.


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