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Rowing Boat to Steam Vessel

In the year 1838 the first steam vessels Mesir-i Bahri and Eser-i Hayır constructed by Tersane-i Amire shipyards have been started to transport passengers and goods across the Bosphorus strait and Marmara Sea.

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Museum Of Basilica Cistern Located on the left side of the Haghia Sophia-Gülhane Park road in Sultanahmet, the Basilica Cistern is also known as Yerebatan place. It was built in approximately 540 A.D. by the Emperor justinianos I of the Byzantine Empire. A big square was dug underneath the ground and it was supported by 300 columns. At the time, it was the most important water storage area and provided water to the whole city The cistern was cleaned and renovated between 1985-1988 by the İstanbul Municipality. Today, it is open to visitors. Its exotic and unbelievable appearance makes the cistern an irresistible attraction.

Yerebatan Sarnıcı Müzesi

Yerebatan Cad. No:13, Sultanahmet (212) 522 12 59
Open daily 9.00 - 17.30



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